Oct 19, 2010

Not Perfect-Day Three

How do I describe today? 
That pretty much sums it up.

Things started out OK with me rushing out the door before 8am (just in time to be late to my first class). We talked for two hours about how to be honest and do your best (honestly I still can't believe this class is worth two credits) and then I hit study group, which is when things started to go south.

I got nauseous. Then, well. You know.
So I left study group, went home and laid in bed for the majority of the day and pretty much ignored my kids.
In the afternoon I felt better, so I ran a few errands and started to feel nauseous again. Came home, rested, helped my kids host a Katydid funeral (pictures soon, promise). I'm pretty sure the only reason I suggested helped and took pictures was so that I could show what an awesome mom I am.  But hey, it was family activity.

While eating left-over soup in the car, I picked up my visiting teaching partner. 
I'm so awesome I did my visiting teaching before the last day of the month, or even the last week. I'm not so awesome because I did my visiting teaching AT a Relief Society Activity. In the foyer. In an effort to save time, we taught two of our ladies at the same time. (Don't you feel better about yourself already?)

I had to leave the activity early, on account of the smell of the treats they were having made me puke.
I'm SO ready to kick Mrs Estrogen to the curb. Every month she's a pain in my...well...stomach. 

Oh, and while I was gone, apparently my son said, "God" again. Twice. The Hubs sent him to time out, but something tells me we should have washed his mouth out with soap. Don't worry. It would have been vegan, recycled and environmentally friendly soap. 

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Chrsitina MC said...

I love these posts. Keep 'em comin'!