Oct 31, 2010

Cute Stuff

  1. The Baby says "zip it" like this, "Yip it!" I love putting on her jacket for this reason alone. :D
  2. The Boy woke up Sunday morning and asked for muffins. Then he said, "First, I'm going to eat muffins, and then pop-eyes and then go trick-or-treating and then to sleep. Wake up, eat muffins and pop-eyes AGAIN and the go to sleep again AND trick-or-treat again!" I think this is funny, because he NEVER wants to sleep. 
  3. The Boy LOVES singing time in nursery. He does all the actions to the songs and sings very loudly. He's pretty much the only kid that sings during singing time. He's gotten quite good at memorizing. 
  4. The Baby has started to take turns saying prayers. She's very good at it! The Boy gets reasonably upset when it's her turn, but I think he's catching on that we all get a turn at some point, even if it's not right then

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