Oct 4, 2010

I Wear Designer Babies

I'm a Babywearer. No, that's not a brand like Jimmie Chu or a weird cannibal version of clothing. I wear Custom Designed Babies specially crafted by God, The Hubs and me (we're a team).
They are wonderful, these Designer Babies.
With The Boy, I had a ring-sling designed by Dr. Sears I wore CONSTANTLY. It was great for mad dashes through airports or getting the vacuuming done before The Hubs got home from work or school. It fell short in the hands-free arena, though.
So with The Baby (who is now nearly two) I use a Wrapsody by Gypsy Mama. It's WONDERFUL.
 Us on a recent hike (it was WINDY!)
 NOTE: I don't have to hold the baby with my arms, this sling is totally hands-free.
But now the government is trying to legislate yet another aspect of our lives and tell us something that is totally normal, totally loving and yes, ancient is in fact harmful to our children. Sound familiar? No? I'll give you a hint: they did it with birth. 
This is some pretty good info on the current legislation along with the people  you can call to make a difference.
So I'm writing this post to tell you that I never feel closer to my children than when I'm wearing them. For me there was a learning curve to baby-wearing, but it wasn't modeled for me and people think it's weird that I wear my children (especially as they get older). I had a grandpa stop me in Costco Saturday asking how it worked. He thought it was a curtain. 
Visit this blog for more information on the government's attempt to dictate how we parent our children. Maybe baby-wearing isn't for every momma or every baby and that's OK, but don't you want your children to have the CHOICE?
Also go here for ways you can help.
And one more awesomely well-written blog on babywearing.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Yes! We don't want our choices taken from us!

(I love gypsy mama wraps, too!)


melissa said...

I have looked at those wraps for a long time now and I would LOVE one for this next little one, I think. I've used a few different slings and carriers over the years with my babies. I have never been one to wear my babies all the time, but it sure does come in handy for times when I can't hold the baby (or safely set them down) and don't have the available hands to do so. Like shopping. The more kids I have running around my ankles, the more I seem to wear the littlest one. I'm going to have to check this out because legislating this is just going too far. One wrap related question: how is yours different from a Moby wrap, and which is better, if either?

becky said...

Melissa- my sister has a Moby. Hers is a jersey-knit type fabric which is wonderfully breathable and soft but stretchy enough she can't use it for back carries because her baby is so squirmy. It was really good for the first year. Mine is a heavy cotton gauze which is breathable and stretches really very little but I used it with my other baby.
You can make your own. It's about six yards of fabric, cut the length and serge the edges. Done! So you can get two wraps out of one piece of fabric. I'm actually making a wrap for a friend this next weekend. Gypsy Momma is spendy but I use it literally every day.