Oct 10, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

1. There are only 9 more Sundays wherein I will be attending Nursery as a leader. :D

2. My children are, eh hem, brilliant.
Yesterday on our after-dinner walk, The Baby counted to SEVEN...twice. Nobody taught her this directly, no one coached her on the walk, she just did it! Brava, Baby. Brava.
The boy came up to me Saturday while I was studying for a test on the immune system.
This is what he asked, "Do white blood cells eat 'teria?" Yes, son. White blood cells eat bacteria. My son, the future doctor. <tears of happiness>

3. We paid $3,000 on our auto loan this week. That's over 1/3 what we owe. This makes me EXTREMELY happy, because we are closer to out of debt. Just the car and The Hubs student loans. Happy Day! If you haven't checked out Dave Ramsey I suggest you give him a once over. It will be worth your time, promise.

4. I'm on the Dean's list. No, not THAT list. The List of all the good students who have A's. THAT list.

5. And lastly, I'm considering the possibility of maybe, maybe starting a preschool when I get back to Arizona in December. The only thing holding me back? I'm So Pro homeschooling I fear it's a TAD hypocritical to ask parents to send their kids to me for education.  What do you think?

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