Oct 7, 2010

Not Perfect

So it turns out I'm not perfect.
I know.
I'm JUST as shocked as you are.
Today I attempted to be Super-Mom. I woke up early, showered, got my bag ready for school and started my prep work for the preschool lesson I taught today. In my rush to get everything ready and "perfect" I sorta forgot to feed my kids. I remembered 15 minutes before the other preschoolers arrived.
15 minutes is NOT enough time for my children to eat a grape, let alone a full meal. The Baby ate one egg, the boy ate one egg white.
Even though there were two perfectly good yokes on the plate, he ate the white. And we wonder why he's skinny.
In other non-perfect news, I also briefly considered using feminine hygiene products in underwear instead of pull-ups on my three-year-old who has yet to consistantly wake up dry every morning.
What? You say. You use DISPOSABLE pull ups? Why yes. Yes I do.
If it makes you feel better I have extreme guilt about it.

So much so that I ordered THREE resuable cloth pull ups from an Etsy shop last week.
They came today. We got to try them out already.
The Boy was SO upset at having to go to bed at a reasonable hour that he wet them, with them around his ankles as he stood NEXT TO the toilet and cried about how HE DIDN'T HAVE TO GO!
The evidence says otherwise, son.
Good thing I got three.

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