Oct 24, 2010


1. Zsa Zsa spent the afternoon putting her kitties in timeout. It's kinda funny. "Yabadabadaba TIME OUT! Naw-ee!"

2. Today was the Children's Program in Sacrament Meeting. It's pretty much my favorite Sunday of the year and this year was the best ever Children's Program, except for the years I participated, of course.

3. I got to be *alone* at home with The Hubs this afternoon. Mom was taking my sister back to school and the kids were napping. We totally watched TV the entire time. "Psych" is just that compelling.

4. Can a day still be someone's birthday if that someone is no longer living? Because if so, today is my dad's birthday. I totally made his favorite meal.

5. We're an entire WEEK past the middle of the semester.

6. It's supposed to snow Tuesday.