Oct 18, 2010

Not Perfect-Day Two

DAY TWO-The Project Continues...
Not to brag or anything, but today was pretty darn perfect.

Just kidding. :)

So today started off with me rushing out the door just as the kids got up, which was nice for me, but kinda miserable if you're my kid. At least, they thought so.

I used to feel bad for leaving, but since this is my second semester back in school, I'm pretty much cold and heartless at this point. Plus, my kids don't bawl when I leave anymore; they give me smooches. :D
It's like they finally figured out I come home again. Like, EVERY TIME!
Anyway, after class the kids and I picked up the house and vacuumed. The Boy likes to take turns with me vacuuming. His turns are ALWAYS longer. We have a system. He randomly gets large swaths of the middle of the carpet and I get the edges and the parts he misses. I don't think he knows about this system, he's just happy to be in charge of the thing with a motor.
Then The Baby told me she was ready for nap. No really.
She said, "Zsa Zsa seepy. Zsa Zsa go ni-ni". Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
The Boy and I played Checkers. He won. It may be because he's a shameless cheater. Or that he doesn't know the checkers only move forward, and only on the dark squares.

The kiddos helped me make a cake, a cake that looked like a pumpkin, because that's what The Boy wanted. I accidentally doubled the water and added it to the dry ingredients before I noticed, so we had to double the recipe. I don't think anyone minded, but now I have to buy eggs again. 

Moving On, then I had to leave for study group to which only one other member of my pathology project group showed up. (Yeah, my group sucks.)

When I got home we made dinner, The Boy helped. He loves to stir hot things on the stove. I let him. So far he still has all his fingers. He also likes to wash dishes, but I don't let him do the knives...usually. (That was a joke, for you people who have CPS on speed dial).

We had a guest for dinner and my kids didn't say or do one embarrassing thing. I think that was my miracle for  2010.

I tossed everyone under four feet in the shower and took off to yet another study group. (Don't worry, I let the other parental unit know his kids were in the shower. He came right up stairs to take over.)

Got home after The Baby was in bed.
Maybe today was a good day because I wasn't around for much of it? We shall see. I'm not scheduled to be home tomorrow evening, either.

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