Oct 25, 2010


I am SOOOOOOOOOOO stressed out!!!!!!!!!


1. School. I have a lab practical this Friday. It's over FOUR of the 11 systems in your body, but only 40 questions. Seriously? That is SO much material for 40 questions. Where do I even start studying? Did I mention there are only THREE lab practicals the entire semester? No? There are. Ack. Oh, and I have a math test that same day over stuff I don't get. Uh huh.

2. The Hubs job is seriously SERIOUSLY stressing me out. He's the lead programmer on this massive project that from my perspective doesn't appear to be going all that well. He's working until 11:30 some nights, weekends, he gets up early to work on it. It's probably that he's super in to doing a good job, but really, I never see him, even though he works from home.

3. Some other stuff I can't really talk about. This might be the thing that's stressing me out the most. Some income we count on to make the ends meet each month is not there, and it's making some other stuff look shaky at best and plus there's personal stuff mixed up into all of it and it's just a giant mess and pretty much all my fault, but I can't DO anything about it and I HATE stuff I can't do anything about and stuff that's my fault. How's that for a run-on sentence?

4. AND to top it all off, I'm not ready for Halloween. What kind of a mother AM I, anyway? A lousy one, that's what.

5. Also, BYU won this weekend, but barely. What the heck, Cougs? What the heck? Don't you know I have ENOUGH to worry about?

ADDENDUM: The Hubs just emerged from the dungeon basement and said all is well. He fixed the massive problem. The project is golden.Sigh of relief.

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