Feb 18, 2007

The Problem With Blogging

The problem with blogging is two fold: first, I'm unwilling to put into writing on a blog anything that isn't profoundly witty or at least mildly funny, and second, I'm unsure of who, if anyone will see it so I'm guarded in what I say which severely limits the witty/funny topics on which I can pontificate. It's a conundrum, to be sure. I'm not positive this blog will last more than a month.
Perhaps after the baby comes and I can post pictures of him along with anecdotes things will be better.

Feb 17, 2007

High Quality Mud

Who thought up this con? Genius, I say. Get rich people to pay lots of money...to sit in mud. I hear it's high quality mud, but what does that mean? I played in mud as a kid and it seemed like perfectly good mud to me, but then I'm not a mud connoisseur. Matt says maybe it's high quality because they take the rocks out first.
I have to admit that I would never pay money to sit in mud. In fact, I would pay money NOT to sit in mud. If I were ever coerced into mud-sitting the entire time I would be thinking 'I'm dirty! I'm dirty! I'm dirty! Get me OUT!"
Not that I'm a mud-a-phobe. I like it just fine...outside on the ground under the grass and away from my person and my floors.
The End :)