Dec 31, 2008

Catching Up (again)

I have been seriously lacking in the blog-writing department. Here's my attempt to catch up:

My momma came to visit after V was born and it was FABULOUS to have her around. I cried when she went home. Luckily she and two of my sisters came Christmas night. :) They were left stranded in Salt Lake for a few hours d/t a snow storm, but they got here eventually.
Christmas was AWESOME. We loved watching S help everyone open their presents. He loved everything and we had a blast this entire month telling him about Baby Jesus and the Christmas Story. We haven't talked about Santa at all, except to give a name to the man in the red suit who stands next to the "Noman".

He is very excited about going down the slide "Santa" brought. I am NOT looking forward to putting Christmas away, which is why we didn't decorate the tree until the 22nd...
S flew home with my mom after Christmas and V and I drove to Spanish Fork that same day. It took 15 hours. The next day we drove to Twin Falls and it was so wonderful to see my boy I nearly cried. (The crying could be due to hormones...)
Lots else has happened, but thems the highlights.