May 27, 2009

Kids Update

V has discovered rolling as a form of transportation. It's an interesting experience to one day put the baby down on the floor, turn around for a second and go to pick the baby up again only to find her across the room. She's sleeping so well since she's started to move more! V hasn't quite got the hang of sitting, but she IS catterpillering across the floor in addition to rolling. I imagine she'll be crawling by mid-June. She's six months and 1 day old.

S has be so cranky lately. He's always cranky when he's sick. He does have his good moments. I fixed his breakfast one day last week, sat him down to eat and was leaving the room when I hear him say his own prayer. It was SO sweet. "Hebbenly Fadder. Dank you for meal. Dank you Mommy and my daddy, name of Jeesthus Crist, AMEN!" He also says another prayer for seconds. 

He likes going to splash pads. Aunt Di took him this last Saturday to a splash pad, and they both had a blast. He's also likes going ANYWHERE.  He tells me all the time, "Go Bye Bye Momma!" "Go Car!" Most of the time he doesn't like where I choose to go, though.  Also, he thinks he can drive. EVERYTIME we go out to the car he says, "I drive Momma!" I finally had to show him my driver's license and explain about that. I figured it was equally useless to tell him his feet wouldn't reach the pedals and this seemed safer. Somehow explaining that the pedals DID something seemed like a bad idea. 
DH and I are just the same as always. Daily grind and all that. The only thing new and mildly interesting is that I'm planning to decorate Matt's office in the next week or two. Yippy.