Jul 19, 2010

Funny Stories from the Weekend

1. Sitting in church was VERY hot this Sunday so I turned my ward bulletin into fan. The Boy promptly took it from me, unfolded it, handed it back and said, "Now make a ROCKET SHIP!"

2. The Hubs and I went out to dinner without kids. He told me the following story.

His friend, "George" had a very odd boss. One day George and the boss end up at the same stop light, George in his parents station wagon and the boss in a souped up sports car. The boss challenges George to a little race. (I did mention he's odd.) So when the light turns green George sticks it the metal and about the time he's half way through the intersection the boss in his fancy sports car in clear into the next block. The boss figures he's won, so he slows down to the speed limit and George, punching the gas the entire way, catches up to him...a MILE later. It may have been the time of night, or The Hubs telling of, but I ROARED.

3. This one's not funny, but it is sweet. On our way home from Utah, The Baby started asking a question. It took us a while to figure out what she was saying but it came down to this, "Momma. Gramma, where go? "Momma. Where Gramma?" She was asking where my mom, her near constant companion, had been hiding all day. We think. I thought this was very sweet. For a while, it also sounded like she said, "G.G. here". G.G. is what my kids called my paternal grandmother. But that's probably not what she was saying, since she can't really talk anyway. She's also recently started saying the following words: duckie, yellow, blue. For blue, she started out having to strum her lips to get the 'b' sound out. A few days later she started calling me Becky. I am a little unsure what to think about that. I would probably be mad, if it weren't so darn cute.

Jul 13, 2010

A Light Goes Out (or more aptly) Moves On

In the dark of this night, I mourn the passing of a marvel. A light in my dark place. One of the (very) few who truly believed in me before I believed in myself.
My Grandmother.

Words will never do justice to this exceedingly fine woman, but I'm going to let them try.

Grandma had the ability to show a person how they might achieve their very best self; like a life coach, motivational speaker and Jesus, all rolled up into one. Nary a word of complaint or unkind thought toward another human being ever left her lips, in my hearing. Her power to make you believe the very best of yourself was second to none.

I had the privilege of living with her during that first semester of college when I was still wet behind the ears but thought I was all grown up. Her kindness and constant words of praise washed over me like a warm wave. I couldn't help but think I was her very favorite person in all the world, when the reality of it was, I was a VERY difficult teenager. I'm pretty sure my dad had to beg her and Grandpa to take me in when I proved too determined to stay in Idaho for school. All through those months she never stopped telling me how smart, pretty, talented, witty, charming and wonderful I was. And wasn't I just the best cook, party planner and friend? My, didn't everyone just love me? And wouldn't you know it, by the end of my time there, some of those things were true. I still believe it was because she wished them so, and not because I had anything to do with it. Toward the end there, I even started to be neat. My mother was speechless. Dad was speechless. We all stood in awe of the power that was Grandma.

I'm certain no other person on earth has come closer to death more times than my dear grandmother. But she's always thinking of others and couldn't bear to leave Grandpa alone, so she's always pulled though... until now. I can't recall all her near-death experiences in childhood, other than Scarlet Fever. She nearly died in child bed. Twice. And then there was the fiery car accident that left the VW in a heap of burning metal but from which my grandparents emerged nearly unscathed. The heart attack in the 90's, complete with life flight and month's stay in ICU. My Husband can come up with four separate times she's stood at death's door just since he's known her. Medical Marvel doesn't come close to describing her. I learned a term this week that might apply. Dura Mater. In anatomical terms it means the outer covering of the brain and spinal cord, but in Latin it means Tough Mother. And for all her softness and caring, she was tough in Spirit, and a Mother to the very core of her being.

We're pretty mopey around here this evening, thinking of the great loss of her good and kind heart, but we're also just a tad envious of the Heavenly Reunion my own sweet father must be having right now, and her joy at holding her son again.

It is the end of an era, a passing of an age. My one great hope is that someday, I can be like her.

Grandma, I wish you a speedy journey, and then peace. Until we meet again...

Jul 10, 2010

Art In The Park and A Parade

What a busy day! It's been a while since I posted pictures. What I lack in picture taking fineness (which I'd like to blame on the fact that all I ever use is the cell phone camera but what is actually my complete lack of skill) I make up for in volume.
Here we go!

This Saturday the Magic Valley Arts Council hosted their annual Kids Art In The Park. I LOVED this program when I was growing up, so naturally, I signed the Boy up for their toddler class.
He We made a plate-loom weaving in which The Boy had little to no interest, and we he painted a kite, which was THE highlight of the morning.
See how proud he is?

While The Boy and I were making Art (yes, that's a capital A) The Baby and The Hubs went to King's to pick out a special present for The Baby. She's been feeling rather neglected of late, and to assuage feelings of guilt, I authorized the purchase of stuff. (I KNOW! Now I'm one of those parents. Please don't judge me.) Of course she picked something plush, because that's just the kind of kid she is. I knew it would either be plush, or a laundry basket, since those are two very favorite things.

(Not a great picture of The Hubs, so...)

(here's The Hubs as his normally cute self)

Because that wasn't enough of an adventure for one day, we swung by Fred Meyer for some food and groceries and then headed out to Kimberly for the Good Neighbor Parade. By this point The Baby was pretty tired, but we soldiered on. 
Arriving after the parade route was closed, we parked at the start of the parade and walked along the parade route with the first police car until we met up with our friends. Luckily Kimberly is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sized town, so it didn't take long. The parade was just about what you'd expect from a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sized town. (which makes it even funnier the actual name of the town is Kimberly City. Someone was over ambitious...) The best part for the kids was the shear volume of candy being lobbed in their general direction. Both The Hubs and I got hit on the head with sugary confections, so enthusiastic where the throwers. Our friends came prepared with grocery bags, which their kids filled in short order. The Boy ended the parade with both his and The Hubs pockets bulging with sweets. He even got a Popsicle! (that went directly into his mouth without the pocket detour) Luckily the Giant Twinkie handing out edible Twinkies missed us. I can handle my kids eating sugar, but not if I can read the ingredients. I can't in good conscience allow them to consume any quantity of high fructose corn syrup. 

notice the candy wrapper in his hand

again, classic case of candy-mouth
notice the stickers given to my son 
by politicians we don't support, but which are stickers
 and thus VERY important to three-year-olds
The rest of the day was taken up by studying at the library, a trip to Costco and the city library and setting off the last of our fireworks stash. (at least until they go on sale again for the 24th of July)
The Boy did about half our sparklers stash, and wanted to do more fireworks after we'd lit everything. I'm glad he enjoyed it!

Jul 7, 2010

Swimming Lessons!

Swimming lessons have started! The Boy is SOOO excited every morning. He can hardly wait for 11:20 to roll around. The Baby didn't know what to make of it the first day, but toward the end she started to enjoy herself.
The first day I was able to go with the kids. It was WINDY and therefor cold. The second day she was pretty excited to get in the water, but I didn't get to witness that. Grandma took them the second and third days.

I was strangely happy to see The Boy completely ignoring his teacher. It made is complete disregard for my instructions somehow less worrisome. Experienced parents have told me this should make me MORE worried, since he doesn't listen to authority. I can see their point, but I can't help but be happy anyway.

The Hubs and I checked out four books I don't have time to read on raising obedient toddlers. Surprisingly none of them say smack the heck out of your kid. A good butt-whipping worked on me as a kid, but I just don't have the heart to do that to my sweet little angels...often.
The Hubs and The Baby, post lessons. She's blue, not because this is a camera phone picture, but because she's COLD. :)

Jul 5, 2010

Independence Day

What a totally awesome day! Except the parts where I had to give a prayer in church and substitute in Nursery (motto: The closest to Purgatory you can get on earth!).
Other than those parts, it was AWESOME!
Mostly because I decided I would not do homework on Sunday. Really hoping that pans out for me during my two tests Tuesday.
The morning started with both our kids toddling downstairs and climbing into bed with us. I'm normally not a huge fan of kids in the bed, but it's OK at 8am. Especially because that means someone else got The Baby up and changed her. :D
We made our way to the kitchen where we I fed the kids some peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We watched a scripture movie and I worked up a pair of patriotic beaded socks for The Baby to wear to church, along with her super cute hair bow an Auntie made her. Not that she has any hair. Anyway.

Before church we took a drive with the kids (read: tried to get them to nap BEFORE church) and ended up in Buhl, Idaho. It turns out I really like Buhl! We saw a restaurant we are TOTALLY going to try out this weekend. Don't worry, I'll blog it.
We made it back to town just in the nick of time. Only one minute to spare before the opening song of the service. The Baby napped, in case you were wondering, but The Boy did not.
After my two-hour stint in hell nursery we took ANOTHER drive. The Boy napped, the baby did not.

We went to my sister's house for dinner and games. (E, I totally owe you a game. The Baby ate one of the cards. Luckily I saw it in town this past weekend, so I can buy your hubby a new copy before you leave!) We cheated like crazy and still lost. It was great!
Mom took the two tiniest kids, The Baby included, back to her/our house about 8pm, and the rest of us made our way over to college for the local fireworks display. The Boy didn't remember fireworks from years past. He LOVED it.
He kept shouting "YA-HOO!" Which is completely cute and so much more descriptive than
"ooh! ahh!"
The Hubs and I talked about our first July 4th together. It was the first family gathering I'd attended. I'm afraid we were a TAD over-affectionate for a family gathering. Oops. Ah well. They're stuck with me now!
That pretty much sums up our festivities for the day. What did YOU do for the 4th?

Jul 2, 2010

Semi-Steamy Post


Now that I have your attention, here is what's been on my mind lately:

1. There is difference between Naked and Nekked. Naked is merely going sans clothing. Nekked means you're up to something.

2. In Sunday School last week I noticed a lady working on a little chart. Curious, I took a slightly closer look (she wasn't paying attention, why should I?) and noticed it was a fertility chart. Somehow I never thought I'd read the word COITUS during Sunday School. Just say'n.

3. I am really, really, really, REALLY glad The Hubs is home. 

4. (This part isn't steamy.) I finally turned in the cheaters in my Anatomy class. I didn't want to. I didn't like doing it, but I got so sick of their cheating making my hard work (and resulting grade) cheaper because they weren't willing to work for it. They were getting pretty blatant when it became obvious they could get away with it. What made me madder is even though my teacher gave this HUGE speech at the beginning of the semester, he totally poo-poo'd my narcing. Said there was nothing he could do about. Um, yes there is. How about have someone other than his totally deaf wife proctor the exams? Alternately, when he's giving quizzes and people are obviously using their books, he could NOT collect their answers. Seriously. Grrr.