Apr 14, 2013

I keep getting messages from my sister about my lack of blogginess and how she gets her family news from my blog and why aren't I blogging anymore? The truth is, I'm just too busy on Facebook to blog much. Oh, and you know, the kids and building a house. :P

Seriously, the update:
We decided to move to Boise but that is proving more difficult than it sounds. In the end we decided to build, which is also more difficult than it sounds.

The Boy is in kindergarten and reading up a storm. A few weeks ago I went in and taught the kids about Vincent Van Gough. Then they each made a mixed media reproduction of "Starry Night". The next day I was asked to substitute which was also fun. :)

His music is going splendidly. His teacher is so impressed with him. He's advancing spectacularly and is actually kinda bored with the program he's in so we are thinking of putting him in private lessons next year so he can go at his own pace.

Zsa is in preschool now and LOVING it. Actually, at this exact moment, she is in Phoenix with Daddy. They went for a wedding and some work meetings. And also, Daddy/Daughter Bonding. I hear they are doing splendidly. Zsa is quite the character. We love her imagination and enthusiasm.

CJ is learning to talk and it is so much fun! Someday, she may sleep all night long. I hope.

This has taken me all day to write, and THAT'S why I don't blog any more.