Apr 29, 2008

The Big News

Lots has happened in the last month. Matt got a job in Arizona, we bought a house in Mesa, and yes, to make life that much more complicated, we're expecting a baby in early December. (I know)
To be completely honest, we thought it would take longer. It took 2.5 years of TRYING to get the Sam. After we decided to start trying again this time... 2 weeks. I think God plays these jokes on me on purpose. I really do. I have all kinds of plans and things are starting to work out, then BAM! He changes my plans for me.
Oh well. This one's a girl, you can quote me.
We still haven't sold our house. Know anyone looking to buy in Idaho Falls? We reduced the price another 3K this week, and NOTHING. Not even a showing.
Packing like crazy, though.
Every time I stop to reconsider whether or not we should really move, it snows.

So Sam's latest cute thing is he says, "No NO!" right before he does something naughty. It's kind of like an early detection warning system. "No NO!" (throws momma's good dish towels in the garbage) "No NO!" (throws momma's good dish towels in the toilet) you get the picture. He also loves sweeping. If he sees you get out the broom, and you don't let him "help" then a major tantrum is coming your way. That's also new, the tantrums. He gets all limp and sort of flops onto his back, with no previous thought as to what will cushion that giant head of his until after it hits the ground. I've learned to just ignore them, they stop faster. I'm hoping it's a phase that ends with talking.
We've developed our own little form of communicating. I ask a series of questions to which he answers yes or no via head nodding until we get to what he wants. This works fairly well, unless he gets to excited about nodding "no" and he never nods yes for changing a poopy diaper, but he will complain about having one. It must be a toddler thing.

Apr 3, 2008

Fun With Baby

Someone has discovered his belly button. I bet you nearly never think about your belly button now, but trust me, it's funny. A concave (usually) bowl of tight flesh wrinkles. Who thought of this? Another question: When very young babies are burned severely, the wounds almost always heal in such a way that you can't tell the child was ever burned, so why don't our belly buttons heal smoothly? Curious, don't you think?
In Other Boy Related News, we have a new game. The required elements are a Mom and a bed. Mom hides on one side of the bed and pops her head up to say, "Boo!" to baby. Baby (tries to) RUN around the bed to catch mom. Mom LEAPS over the bed to the other side. Rinse and repeat until Mom is out of breath. Baby will continue with the most adorable baby giggle throughout the game. Variation: Put baby ON the bed, and Mom army crawls around the base of the bed, randomly popping up to say, "Boo!" This is best done with a Daddy on the bed, so Baby doesn't get so excited he falls off.
The Boy is doing a better job walking. He prefers it to crawling now, but still needs something on which to pull himself up. He can wave hello and goodbye. If you tell him it's time to go bye-bye, he will automatically wave. (Tres cute) He says; no-no, ni-ni (night-night?) hi!, mum-mum, da, uh-huh! (yes) and some other things we haven't been able to decipher. He answers in the affirmative appropriately to questions like, "Do you love Mommy?" He's a smart boy.
We will post new pictures soon. We've been a little crazy around here trying to sell our house. :)