Jul 10, 2012

Spreadable Butter

We are real butter people over here.
Here's why.
Once I accidentally let the spreadable stuff that comes in a tub get a little melty and then I put it back in the fridge.
Holy icky white gel stuff separated that was COMPLETELY inedible. I'm fairly certain it wasn't even food, there in my food. Like, ew.
That, in conjunction with not being able to pronounce half the ingredients made us real butter people.
Here's the thing though; I like it spreadable. Kinda not possible when you keep the yellow yumminess in the fridge.
Until now.

Behold. Spreadable Butter. Real Ingredients.

2 sticks SUPER cold butter
beat the living daylights out of that stuff until its light and creamy (not long)
slowly beat in 2/3 cup cold oil of your choice (I use olive)
beat until incorporated and then refidgerate

Voila! Spreadable butter straight from the fridge and full of totally pronounceable ingredients. You're welcome. :D