Jun 28, 2012


Finished packing the house today and got it mostly cleaned. Will finish up tomorrow. Decided to wait until Friday to pull up stakes. It seems like a good idea to give myself a day to get ready to travel before we take on a two day journey.

I'm going to be...zzzz

Jun 20, 2012


We have exciting news! IdahoBecky, et al are relocating BACK to Idaho! We decided two weeks ago to put our house up for sale. Three showings later, we accepted an offer and the house is currently in escrow. Husband and I are frantically packing boxes in our spare time. So pretty much nothing has been packed. And oh, we move on the 29th. Or maybe the 30th. Or possibly the 1st. At any rate, we will be out of here by the 17th, which is when escrow closes.

We will be in Idaho for roughly three months. After that, we really don't know where we are going. Seattle has been on the radar, as has Denver. And Texas, as always, is both appealing and terrifying. If I'm going to be hot, I may as well have the benefit of living near family, right? Which is why we haven't moved to Texas sooner. All Husband's family is in Arizona. We've also been contemplating Flagstaff or Payson. I know. Totally glamorous options. We would love to live in Carson Valley but for some reason, Nevada is not one of the places we feel good about living.

All we know for sure is that this is not the neighborhood in which we want to raise our family.
Land. The freedom to roam. Neighbors far enough away they can't be bothered to report you to CPS. These are all on my wishlist. :D

So that's the IdahoBecky Status Update.

CJ is just AMAZING. She's discovered rolling as a form of transportation. Along with that discovery, she found that rolling plus gravity equals floor so she's been banned from sole occupancy of the parental bed.

We taught CJ the sign for milk which we are using as our sign for nursing. So now she signs "milk" to me while she nurses. This opens a whole new world of possibilities. We could have entire conversations while she eats and before she can talk. That's kinda cool. It's also going to cut down on my reading time.

Her eyes are changing color, but nobody seems able to determine what that color is. I hesitate to say they are non-descript, it's more that there aren't the right words to describe them. I remember the other kids' eyes doing this as well, though not to the same extent. I'm still holding out for violet. She would be absolutely stunning with violet eyes. And you better believe I would change her name to Violet so as to draw attention to them. At the very least, I would change it on the blog. ;)