Dec 20, 2013


I wanted to catalog some of the cute things CJ is saying these days. 

Biper is her word for diaper. She says, "I don't yike it!" A lot. Mostly about clothes. She's a nudist at heart, apparently. 
She also refuses to allow easy diaper changes. "CJ, you are wet. Let's change your diaper."
"No change biper! MY wet!" 
I'm not exactly sure what to do with that one, frankly. 
For being my third child,me sure have had a lot of firsts. 

Yesterday, she told me, "I. Go. For a WALK!!!!!" Repeatedly. And with great gusto. It was interesting to see her little brain work at putting together such a complex sentence for a 23 month old. 
In case you were wondering, we did go for a walk. 

She is very sure anything that has to do with the kitchen should include her, so we do lots of pouring and measuring and stirring together. The other two also think they belong in the kitchen and we have the occasional squabble over whose turn it is to pour or mix. 

All the pillows belong to CJ. "My pallow! It's mine pallow!" And also all the gankets. Otherwise known as blankets. 
She is my very favorite child (ask any of my kids, they ALL think they are the favorite), even when she never sleeps. We did some lab work recently and have spent a decent amount of time at the doctor trying to figure out WHY she won't sleep. Still no real answers but having an almost two year old who still doesn't sleep makes a daddy think we don't need a newborn. Mommy agrees. Oi. 
I'm looking forward to her birthday and the magical blanket I got her that is supposed to make babies sleep. 
Oh, please, sleep guardians, let the sheep blanket work. 

School, week of 12/15/13

We took it easy this week. Mama had a cold. 

And money math using chocolate coins. 

We also built a farm from duplos and practiced money math by buying and selling farm implements and animal byproducts. 
We finished up the week with a trip to the Discovery Center. I think this place will make a regular appearance in our lessons. S was facinated by all the electrical experiments.  
The girls really enjoyed the wind simulators. 
All the kids got to make a kazoo out of three rubber bands, two Popsicle sticks, and a drinking straw. 
I took video of us doing the experiments but I apparently can't upload that to blogger from the iPad. Oh well. 

I'm looking forward to Christmas break and reorganizing our structure a bit. When we start back in January, I'm going to do a unit on electricity, since S is so facinated. 

Dec 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 9th, 2013

Playing with clay at the end of our day. The kids finally won the battle on "Nephite Facepaint" today. Thanks, church activity. Now my kids think this is ok. Ah well.

S spent most of the morning tearing through a money math activity book.
 He really loved the pages that gave the cost of an item, and he needed to decide what coins equaled that amount. 
Six months ago, he didn't want anything to do with this type of math so we shelved it. Now, it's like cake. His brain just needed those few months to develop the synapses for money math to make sense. 
We also spent quite a bit of time on Spelling City and another app dealing with money.
Mom was feeling under the weather, so we phoned it in on science and watched a Bill Nye you tube on the properties of air. We've done quite a bit with gases so it just reinforced stuff we've learned previously, but there's nothing wrong with spiraling occasionally. 

Heres another Nephite playing with clay. 

And a kitty saying, "cheese". 

Can you tell I learned how to blog from my iPad? My only complaint is the horrible pictures, but since that's no different than before, I decided to roll with it. 

Dec 9, 2013

Book Work Day

We don't love book work days, but practice is how we get better. Journal writing!

Today we also did money math, spelling city, reading, and a time telling worksheet. 
It's amazing how we can fit a whole day of school in an hour or two. 

Nov 26, 2013

Zsa Zsa Turns Five

My sweet girl turned five today. 
She's such a riot. We've been planning her birthday every day for a solid year because her favorite thing to talk about is her birthday. 

Today she got to go clothes shopping with Grandma, choose a book and a cupcake at Barnes and Noble, play with friends, cousins, and go to Organ Stop Pizza (if you haven't been, go. It's fabulous.), and get ice cream sundaes. In short, she's had an absolutely marvelous day. 

Favorites List
Color: purple 
Fictional Character: Doc McStuffins/Sofia the First
Food: Mac n cheese 
Ice Cream: chocolate
Hair style: pig tails
Toy: string

Zsa has really blossomed as an artist. Her pictures are so detailed. I love to watch her draw and color. 
She's a fantastic older sister. She often goes out of her way to be pleasant with CJ. The Boy can still really push her buttons, though. 

She says some of the most outlandish things I've ever heard, and I absolutely love it. Today she told my mom that she liked the birthday card Mom sent "one hundred and thirty one, which is the biggest number". 

On Sunday, we were all gathered at family dinner and she thanked the whole room for coming to her birthday party. One of the aunts walked in with cupcakes and Zsa was just certain they'd been made specially for her. 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You're my favorite. Don't tell the others. 

Nov 9, 2013

House Update

There are walls and a roof. The HVAC, plumbing, and electric are all roughed in. 
It's been like that for WEEKS. 
Waiting on inspection so we can drywall and insulate. 
Did you know drywall requires three separate inspections? Neither did I. 
Crazy town. 

In other news, CJ thinks it's hysterical when I quack like a duck. 
"You a duckie!" 

We had Zsa's birthday party, but that deserves it's own post. Maybe tomorrow. I'm still worn out from the parties on Friday. (Yes. plural.)

Nov 3, 2013


Zsa said, "CJ, you're two!" 
And CJ replied, "no. I purple."

These kids. 

Oct 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year I tried to put a lot of veggies in our day to help negate all the inevitable candy. 
We started our day with Jack O' Lantern pancakes. 
Originally, I had wanted to make pumpkin pancakes, but I can't find my case of organic pumpkin purée, so I defaulted to spinach spelt pancake batter. They were delicious! 

We spent the morning tidying the house and practicing music. Then we visited the grocery store to pick up some pumpkin for a snack I saw in a Mama Natural post. We did calculator math at the store (addition and decimals). 

A quick lesson on nutrition followed at home. 
Here's a plate that has been divided into three sections. What you see drawn is pasta. I swear. 

The baby went down for her nap and the bigs and I headed out on bikes to find a salon. They both got hair cuts and look much improved. 

When we got home, they helped make dinner. 

Bacon wrapped meatloaf is so much better when mummy shaped. Oh wait, no. It was just really good because, bacon. 
I think it's even creaper cooked. This is the first time I've ever put spinach in meatloaf. It was quite good. You can add quite a bit! I had no idea. 

My ToT pictures are on my phone so I can't include them just yet.  

For dessert, we had pumpkin smoothies. They were great!
No picture, but here's the recipe.
 1 cup frozen pumpkin purée
1 frozen banana
1 cup coconut milk 
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp vanilla
2T pecans
1 1/2 T maple syrup
Toss it in the blender, enjoy. 
Happy Halloween! 

Now I need to run to the store and find a toy for the Switch Witch to trade for all the loot my kiddos ended up with. 0.0

Jul 12, 2013


What do I have to tell you today? Oh, nothing much.
Only that we are building a house in Middleton, Idaho.
It's ok, I'll wait while you open a tab for google maps.
Idaho is on the west coast.
See it?
OK. Now find Boise. It's the giant star in the middle.
Now go west. Then north. That's Middleton. 
Our spread is North of that. Yeah. It's out there. That's ok. We have enough room to spread out and grow sheep, chickens, veg, and kids. 
Permits should be back next week and then we can dig. 
The builder keeps saying 60-90 days to completion once permits are returned. People keep laughing when we say that. 
They aren't getting paid until it's done, so I guess we will see. 
So far nothing has run on schedule. 
I think that's the biggest news round these here parts. 
(I can talk like that since now we are farmers. Kind of.)

May 14, 2013


So it turns out Facebook ate my life. Seriously. I get nothing done when my account is active.
I deactivated Sunday and it is INCREDIBLE the number of things that got accomplished today. I precooked  the base for several meals worth of food, did the grocery shopping, killed ninjas (kickboxing class), met with a friend to go over the house plans, washed and vacuumed the car, and attended two teleconferences for something I can't tell you about yet. ;)
I feel like I'm going to be blogging a LOT more.
Lucky you.

Apr 14, 2013

I keep getting messages from my sister about my lack of blogginess and how she gets her family news from my blog and why aren't I blogging anymore? The truth is, I'm just too busy on Facebook to blog much. Oh, and you know, the kids and building a house. :P

Seriously, the update:
We decided to move to Boise but that is proving more difficult than it sounds. In the end we decided to build, which is also more difficult than it sounds.

The Boy is in kindergarten and reading up a storm. A few weeks ago I went in and taught the kids about Vincent Van Gough. Then they each made a mixed media reproduction of "Starry Night". The next day I was asked to substitute which was also fun. :)

His music is going splendidly. His teacher is so impressed with him. He's advancing spectacularly and is actually kinda bored with the program he's in so we are thinking of putting him in private lessons next year so he can go at his own pace.

Zsa is in preschool now and LOVING it. Actually, at this exact moment, she is in Phoenix with Daddy. They went for a wedding and some work meetings. And also, Daddy/Daughter Bonding. I hear they are doing splendidly. Zsa is quite the character. We love her imagination and enthusiasm.

CJ is learning to talk and it is so much fun! Someday, she may sleep all night long. I hope.

This has taken me all day to write, and THAT'S why I don't blog any more.

Jan 4, 2013

A Note to CJ, On Her Birthday

Today, my newest love, you turn one. Cozy in bed, your legs resting atop mine so I can't escape our morning ritual once you slip into dreamland, I write.

You came into this world so solemn. Not a sad soul, but a quietly reflective one. Everyone commented on how quiet you were, how sober. You attitude in the womb was the same. I would put ice on my belly just to get you to move.  Sometimes I wonder if you knew how...interesting your birth would be. Or if people are like cats and that birth stole one of your lives so you spent that first part of life being put out. Whatever the reason, you were so easy as an infant. I could have a million more if they were all like you.

Every morning I wake up so glad I'm waking up next to you. Your morning grin says you feel the same. Sometimes you act surprised to find us right there when you wake up. surprise followed by delight is my favorite version of you but I do wonder who features in your dreams those nights.

For the record, I was and am 100 percent fine with your being a mama's girl. It doesn't hurt my feelings when you prefer me over everyone else or when you fuss because not-the-mama is holding you. I see 16 looming in the not-to-distant future.  I remember 16. I'd like to skip yours, if you don't mind. But just in case we don't, I'm going to soak up your love now and store it away for later.

I love that once you started to walk, your personality bloomed. Now that you are upright and moving under your own power, your giggles and smiles fill the room with happiness.
The baby mimic is one of my favorite stages and watching you parrot your older siblings is terrifying and a joy wrapped a bubble of awe.
Listening to you join in the singing is a riot. You are absolutely sure you've got the words and tune down but the reality is you sound like a chicken. A perfectly marvelous chicken.

As long as we are discussing quirks, every orange is your orange, regardless of who actually owns the fruit. I'd love to take you to Arizona in December and show you the groves. in the mean time, I'll just save you slices from my orange. :-)

Happy Birthday, beautiful. You are my favorite child. Don't tell the others.