Jul 2, 2010

Semi-Steamy Post


Now that I have your attention, here is what's been on my mind lately:

1. There is difference between Naked and Nekked. Naked is merely going sans clothing. Nekked means you're up to something.

2. In Sunday School last week I noticed a lady working on a little chart. Curious, I took a slightly closer look (she wasn't paying attention, why should I?) and noticed it was a fertility chart. Somehow I never thought I'd read the word COITUS during Sunday School. Just say'n.

3. I am really, really, really, REALLY glad The Hubs is home. 

4. (This part isn't steamy.) I finally turned in the cheaters in my Anatomy class. I didn't want to. I didn't like doing it, but I got so sick of their cheating making my hard work (and resulting grade) cheaper because they weren't willing to work for it. They were getting pretty blatant when it became obvious they could get away with it. What made me madder is even though my teacher gave this HUGE speech at the beginning of the semester, he totally poo-poo'd my narcing. Said there was nothing he could do about. Um, yes there is. How about have someone other than his totally deaf wife proctor the exams? Alternately, when he's giving quizzes and people are obviously using their books, he could NOT collect their answers. Seriously. Grrr.


Emily said...

Does this mean you are ready for another baby?? BTW, I have a family blog...it's private. If you want an invite send me your e-mail through FB and I will send you one. We seriously should get together while you are in town (you still in town?) Let me know how the rest of your summer looks and we will make it happen.

Becky said...

Another Baby? The thought may have crossed my mind...

Familia_Henderson said...

hahaha! Now my curiosity is piqued as to whom is filling out fertility charts at church! Sounds like something dumb I'd do!