Oct 5, 2010


So I stole a phrase from Glenn Beck, sue me (not you Glenn, you'd win).
I have ADD. Bad. I used to be medicated for it, but then I kinda decided pills were dumb (and expensive) oh! AND I got pregnant (not now, with The Boy), so I quit taking them.
Turns out life IS possible without pharmacopia, but MAN is it easier with it! I do OK out of school...

But I'm IN school right now...

Luckily there are coping mechanisms I use to deal with having an EXTREMELY easily distracted brain.

LOOK! A Bird! 
What was I saying?
Ah yes, coping mechanisms.
I walk to school. It takes an hour. That's enough to "get my wiggles out" (yes, I'm still in nursery school) and I can sit through class.
Is that Superman?!?!
It's been raining for two days straight. 
This means I did NOT walk to school either yesterday or today.
That cloud looks JUST like Albert Einstein!

I made it though a two hour Bio-Ethics class, a math test at the testing center, and 2/3rds of Human Physiology.
Then I had to leave. 
And that's why the sauce was burnt and we had cheesey tortillas for dinner instead of flaked salmon.

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