May 30, 2012

Random Husband Update

It seems all I have time for anymore are the random posts. I don't know why. Oh yeah, I have kids. Other mommy bloggers do it, but I'm guessing they have the kind of kids with off switches. Or nannies. Or have magic fairy dust and unicorns that jab the kids in the eye if they misbehave. Or are just better mother's or something.
My children are completely ridiculous and incredibly time consuming. Let's move on.

Husband got head hunted. This is because he's amazing. No, seriously. In a national skills test, the man placed in the 90th percentile. I'm sure you all remember how a bell curve works, but just in case you've forgotten, the people at the right side of it grow exponentially more rare as you move away from the center. So 90th percentile? Pretty darn rare. And smart. Like Husband. The job had some sweet perks and a 15% raise and he'd have his own team to boss around.
He said no.

I KNOW! After the junk Mid Sized Company TM management has pulled the last however long he's been there. Clearly, Mid Sized Company, TM accounting/management has no freaking clue how lucky they are to have my gifted husband. Good thing I DO know how lucky I am. Pretty.Dang.Lucky. I know that Husband has yet to interview for a job he wasn't offered. (People don't get fired because their spouse talks smack on an anonymous blog, do they? Because if they did, and he knew, he'd kill me. Or at least sigh and shake his head with disappointment which is pretty much all the censure I get over here. {Hello. Perfect husband?})

So, it's kinda late. I'm gonna go to bed before I get into any more trouble on the internet. Nighty Night!