Jan 4, 2015

Looks Who's Three!

We started out the morning with presents. A couple of books, and mom and dad made a cast for CJ's baby doll to match her green cast. 
Then on to breakfast. Strawberry power o's with strawberries. Can you guess one of CJ's favorite foods? 

It wouldn't be a CJ day without Blokus.

Later we tried on the new church dress and went to the first day of our last year of nursery. 😳 (only one more year?)
CJ saw me scrolling past a recipe on my phone and said, "I want THAT for my birfday dinner!" So I made that. It's chipotle stuffed sweet potatoes and charred broccoli. I think she liked it less than Dad and I did. 

CJ had begged for a bubblegum cake. In a last minute flash of genius, I figured out how to make these gum ball machine cake pops. 
A pretty good birthday for a three year old!