Jul 12, 2013


What do I have to tell you today? Oh, nothing much.
Only that we are building a house in Middleton, Idaho.
It's ok, I'll wait while you open a tab for google maps.
Idaho is on the west coast.
See it?
OK. Now find Boise. It's the giant star in the middle.
Now go west. Then north. That's Middleton. 
Our spread is North of that. Yeah. It's out there. That's ok. We have enough room to spread out and grow sheep, chickens, veg, and kids. 
Permits should be back next week and then we can dig. 
The builder keeps saying 60-90 days to completion once permits are returned. People keep laughing when we say that. 
They aren't getting paid until it's done, so I guess we will see. 
So far nothing has run on schedule. 
I think that's the biggest news round these here parts. 
(I can talk like that since now we are farmers. Kind of.)