Mar 31, 2010


My momma, all  my sisters and my new little niece, Baby A (not because she's the first but because her name starts with A, remind me to tell you about Lisa A and Lisa B sometime) came for a visit. Every time I mentioned their visit to friends who've seen my house, they were amazed everyone would stay here. I admit it was a bit tight, but we managed. Everyone had a bed, if not a room. When we lived in Idaho, our house was MUCH smaller and everyone fit...sort of. :)
It was WAY fun to have everyone here, BUT, sadly I was sick the whole time so I didn't get much in the way of photos.
Matt and I took everyone to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant for a birthday celebration. SUPER yummy lamb. UmUmmUM! We visited the Phoenix Children's Museum (again) where I took the only photos of the whole week
. The boy LOVES the "car shower".
Baby loves the, well, the babies. And balls.
This is my favorite shot. I kinda hope she keeps it up long enough to be useful. :)
And just had a really fun time catching up.

Mar 12, 2010

Private Blog

Thinking of turning the blog private.
I keep getting comments from Chinese Porno Websites.
What do you guys think? Does anyone read this anyway?
Have you had issues with Chinese Porno Website Comments?
I have my comments set so I reject or publish as they come in, but still...

Mar 11, 2010

Hall of Flame

Took the kiddos to meet friends at The Hall Of Flame the world's LARGEST Firefighting museum.
It was AWESOME. Well, the boy loved it. Baby was along for the ride.
 Behold...the pictures.
A little play area had horses just the right size for three-year-olds to climb. :)
The baby stayed right where you see her almost the entire time we were in the play area. She LOVED these horsies!
You can kind of see some other kids in the background. It took a lot of coaxing to get S to give up the steering wheel, even for a moment. He adored pretending to drive this 1951 fire engine, the only real fire engine on which the kids were allowed to play. 
(this is stock footage from the website)

So is this "parades only" hose carriage. I thought it was pretty, so I'm including it. 

Back to the children:

here's my Little Chief driving a miniature. He sure does love driving! Maybe he is my kid, after all...
If you annoyed by the poor quality of images, please tell the Dear Husband that I need a better camera...and lessons. :)
Some other cool things at this museum I didn't get pictures of are: a pole the kids can slide down, a model house showing fire dangers, a play house with fire dangers, helmets from around the world, over 2k patches, two old dispatch stations, and a place to hear real live fire calls happening in REAL TIME. So cool! 

Thanks D and kids, for an AWESOME morning. The best part? Both kids fell asleep on the ride home. Blessed day!