Nov 26, 2013

Zsa Zsa Turns Five

My sweet girl turned five today. 
She's such a riot. We've been planning her birthday every day for a solid year because her favorite thing to talk about is her birthday. 

Today she got to go clothes shopping with Grandma, choose a book and a cupcake at Barnes and Noble, play with friends, cousins, and go to Organ Stop Pizza (if you haven't been, go. It's fabulous.), and get ice cream sundaes. In short, she's had an absolutely marvelous day. 

Favorites List
Color: purple 
Fictional Character: Doc McStuffins/Sofia the First
Food: Mac n cheese 
Ice Cream: chocolate
Hair style: pig tails
Toy: string

Zsa has really blossomed as an artist. Her pictures are so detailed. I love to watch her draw and color. 
She's a fantastic older sister. She often goes out of her way to be pleasant with CJ. The Boy can still really push her buttons, though. 

She says some of the most outlandish things I've ever heard, and I absolutely love it. Today she told my mom that she liked the birthday card Mom sent "one hundred and thirty one, which is the biggest number". 

On Sunday, we were all gathered at family dinner and she thanked the whole room for coming to her birthday party. One of the aunts walked in with cupcakes and Zsa was just certain they'd been made specially for her. 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You're my favorite. Don't tell the others. 

Nov 9, 2013

House Update

There are walls and a roof. The HVAC, plumbing, and electric are all roughed in. 
It's been like that for WEEKS. 
Waiting on inspection so we can drywall and insulate. 
Did you know drywall requires three separate inspections? Neither did I. 
Crazy town. 

In other news, CJ thinks it's hysterical when I quack like a duck. 
"You a duckie!" 

We had Zsa's birthday party, but that deserves it's own post. Maybe tomorrow. I'm still worn out from the parties on Friday. (Yes. plural.)

Nov 3, 2013


Zsa said, "CJ, you're two!" 
And CJ replied, "no. I purple."

These kids.