Jan 30, 2009

Works In Progress

In this post I'm going to blatantly and shamelessly steal/copy my cousin Beka's idea and show you pictures of stuff I'm working on currently.
But first, the kid-os!

This is V at 9 weeks. The smile is an accident, but a happy one. S is 23 months, if you can believe.  I find it hard to believe my baby is that old. I know he's not really my baby anymore, since V is younger, but he's still my baby in my head. Sometimes I remember to call him a kid... Those three years until kindergarten are going to FLY.

This is a stool I painted for Sammy. It has a lion on it. When he sees it, he calls it a lion, but only I know that's what he's saying. It's a mom thing.

This is a dress front I'm smocking for V. It's basically connect the dots with fabric and embroidery floss. Very easy as long as you keep track of your thread being "on top" or  "on

Last week I attempted to make bagels. I say attempted because these aren't really Einstein Bagel quality, but they were OK. Next time I will try a different recipe.
You may ask why I didn't simply go to Einstein's and purchase a bagel, if I wanted one so badly. The answer, my inquisitive friends, is Einstein's uses bleached flour and I'm attempting to only put good things in my body. (You should, however, know that I'm eating chocolate ice cream while I type. My husband is an enabler. A cute enabler, but an enabler none the less.)

Jan 21, 2009

Out of Control

So this morning S got up before 6. Dad made him oatmeal and then "ogourt". After that he ate my breakfast at 9, and then ANOTHER meal at 10:30.
It's official, S is a Hobbit. (Have you seen his feet lately? Suspiciously hairy...)

Jan 20, 2009

A Resolution...

My New Year's Resolution is to not eat anything I can't pronounce. Basically we're talking no preservatives, artificial dyes, etc. The end goal is, of course, to be more healthy. I'm feeling GREAT, but the scale isn't budging. At least, it's not budging in the right direction (that would be DOWN).
I've started making all our bread and rolls etc. from grains I grind myself. We're on the verge of being vegetarians and I haven't seen a drive-thru in I don't know how long. I KNOW my caloric intake is lower than it's been in a long time, but alas! I thought that, combined with the nursing and the exercising, SOMETHING would start to happen. I even started taking these colon cleanse tablets. I think by body is broken. Thoughts? Do you think my scale could be broken? I DO have a two year old who likes buttons...

Trip to Idaho

Well, it seems there's never any time to sit down and type without a toddler trying to "help" or a baby crying for attention. Matt went to bed early tonight and by some miracle both babies are asleep, so I'll do my best to catch up.

S flew home with my mom after Christmas. V and I drove up to meet them at Mom's in Idaho. It took us 15 hours to get to Spanish Fork, because it turns out, when you are traveling with a newborn, every time you stop, you spend about 40 minutes doing baby things. And newborns need to stop about every two hours. In a way, it was nice just the two of us were in the car because we could take our time and I didn't feel rushed.

The visit in Idaho was good. I learned how to smock and am making a cute green gingham dress for V. My Other Mother had surgery while we were in town, then the next day her hubby fell and broke his ankle, requiring surgery that day, and the day after THAT, their daughter had surgery. My thoughts and prayers have been with them the last week. Hopefully they will all get better quickly.

S is growing up fast. His new favorite thing is bubbles. He's positively obsessed. Luckily, bubbles are cheap. :) He also REALLY likes helping mom in the kitchen. He learned a new word this week: dough. Mom learned that you can't leave the step-stool in the kitchen while you nurse the baby when there's dough on the counter. It wasn't pretty.

V is growing so fast. I don't remember Sam growing this fast. She's only getting up once at night, and she sleeps the first part of the night by herself, so that's nice. I confess that I also like when she sleeps with me, but the sleep is better for me when she's not in the bed. Come to think of it, I also sleep better when M isn't in the bed with me. He's started to snore in his old age. ;)