Dec 20, 2013


I wanted to catalog some of the cute things CJ is saying these days. 

Biper is her word for diaper. She says, "I don't yike it!" A lot. Mostly about clothes. She's a nudist at heart, apparently. 
She also refuses to allow easy diaper changes. "CJ, you are wet. Let's change your diaper."
"No change biper! MY wet!" 
I'm not exactly sure what to do with that one, frankly. 
For being my third child,me sure have had a lot of firsts. 

Yesterday, she told me, "I. Go. For a WALK!!!!!" Repeatedly. And with great gusto. It was interesting to see her little brain work at putting together such a complex sentence for a 23 month old. 
In case you were wondering, we did go for a walk. 

She is very sure anything that has to do with the kitchen should include her, so we do lots of pouring and measuring and stirring together. The other two also think they belong in the kitchen and we have the occasional squabble over whose turn it is to pour or mix. 

All the pillows belong to CJ. "My pallow! It's mine pallow!" And also all the gankets. Otherwise known as blankets. 
She is my very favorite child (ask any of my kids, they ALL think they are the favorite), even when she never sleeps. We did some lab work recently and have spent a decent amount of time at the doctor trying to figure out WHY she won't sleep. Still no real answers but having an almost two year old who still doesn't sleep makes a daddy think we don't need a newborn. Mommy agrees. Oi. 
I'm looking forward to her birthday and the magical blanket I got her that is supposed to make babies sleep. 
Oh, please, sleep guardians, let the sheep blanket work. 

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